Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pasta with lentils

I am a huge fan of the Splendid Table show.  The first time I heard the show, I breathed a sigh a deep sigh..Lynn Rosetto Kasper was not giving out a perfectly measured recipe but rather introducing the techniques and flavors that went into making the recipe. She was teaching me to cook.

This is a recipe I have made often from the show. It is simple, wholesome and a great weeknight dinner.
 Pasta with lentils

Variations I have tried:
I have tried it with French Lentils and whole wheat spaghetti
I have tried it with whole masoor dal and angel hair pasta
Try it with some sprouted lentils
Add some bell peppers  to the mix
Finish with some green olives

One thing about this recipe - make sure you use a good olive oil. It makes a huge difference. Have a wonderful week all.

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  1. Pasta with lentils is a great and healthy idea. Love all your variations too.